Huge Increase in Pest Lawn Mole Population in UK

Huge Increase in Pest Lawn Mole Population in UK

Mole Catchers Around The UK See Mole Population More Than Double in 12 Months!


Here at DKG Pest Control LTD we have noticed a significant increase in mole numbers across Hampshire Southern England since the ban of strychnine in 2006.  2010 was an extremely busy year for us, with an increase of 300% of domestic mole control call-outs compared to 2009.  We assumed this was due to better advertising or an exceptional breeding year for moles, however every year has increased since! This year 2014 has already seen an increase of almost 100% on last year and we have until April 5th 2015 before our comparative year ends!

I believe this years huge increase over last year is due to the very mild winter, and the large floods we saw along the River Thames. I believe that these flood waters may have fertilized the flood planes, providing an abundant food source for the moles and the fine summer has allowed them to flourish, It is believed that the mole population has reached 62 Million across the UK. Holy Moley Pest Moles Hit 62 Million

It was once believed that the services of a Traditional Mole Catcher were no longer required and that there were few Mole Catchers left in the UK. The BTMR now has over 300 registered mole catchers across the UK and there are sure to be many who are not members of the association, showing the art of the Mole Catcher is back in high demand right across the UK.

We currently have 5 Professional Mole Catchers operating across the South Of England, including Berkshire Hampshire Surrey Buckinghamshire Middlesex and Oxfordshire, all of which are members of the BTMR and APMC.

If you have a Mole in your garden or field that is causing damage or a risk of injury feel free to email us at or call one of our local mole catchers on a number below.

DKG Pest Control LTD have an office in Farnborough and this is one of the busiest town in Hampshire for us!

If you require the service of our Local Mole Catcher please call Hampshire 01252 560 450

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