Wasp Nest Removal Hampshire

Wasp Nest Removal Hampshire

Wasp Nest Removal Hampshire


Wasp’s have eaten through our bedroom ceiling!

We received a call at around 7:30 this morning to a client who was crying and in shock, she said “it feels like I’m in a nightmare and haven’t woken up yet”

Laura calmed the lady on the phone and took some details of what had happened.

Our client had been aware of a wasp nest in a dorma window roof space for about a month, but as the wasps were high from the ground and were not coming through the window, she had decided to allow them to stay.
A week or so after they first noticed the small number of wasps entering the roof of the window, they noted that the number of wasps had dramatically increased and they could now hear gnawing noises above the ceiling.

As there is no access to the roof space above the dorma window, again they decided not to worry about it and allowed the wasps to stay put.

Over the next couple of weeks the number of wasps continued to grow and the noises got louder, but still decided to leave them alone.

Final at 5:30 – 6:00am this morning, she was woken by something crawling on her face, and lots of buzzing in the bedroom!
Then she felt the first sharp sting to the face and immediately turned on the bedside light, to her horror there was around 200 wasps flying around the bedroom! Most of which were now attacking the bedside light and allowed her and her husband to escape the room.

While running for the door, both her and her husband were stung multiple times on the feet.

Our technician Robin arrived a little after 8:00am to a room full of wasps.

When Robin got to the house there were wasps crawling on the bed, furniture and window. With a clear hole through the ceiling, where the wasp nest was clearly visible.

Robin killed and removed the wasp nest and used a strong aerosol spray to kill all the wasps in the bed room, then seal the hole in the ceiling.

It was quite an easy job to resolve but resulted in one of our happiest clients yet!





If you have an issue with a wasp nest or require wasp nest removal please visit www.dkg-pestcontrol.co.uk/wasp-nest-removal-hampshire or call 01252560450


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