Wasp Nest Removal Hampshire 2014

Wasp Nest Removal Hampshire 2014

Wasp Nest Removal Hampshire 2014



Our technicians in Hampshire have been kept busy over the past couple of months removing a relocating Bumble Bees and Honey Bees, How ever the 2014 wasp nest removal season has final started!

The first live nest was treated some 3 weeks ago but no more wasp enquirers came through until Monday the 9th June, when two of the job we attended to were indeed wasps. Since then we have been treating at least one wasp nest a day with today bringing 6 genuine wasp removal enquirers. If the weather continues to be settled I can see this being another “year of the wasp” as 2010 was.

DKG Pest Control have been providing an effective wasp control service in Hampshire & Berkshire for many years now, in this time we have treated 1,000′s of wasp nests, some of which have been quite large and in some very strange places.

Nothing surprises us and to this day there hasn’t been a situation where we’ve been unable to provide a successful solution for the problem.


If you require wasp nest removal in Berkshire – Hampshire – Surrey please visit one of the links below or call 01252 560 450

Wasp Nest Removal Hampshire

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