Rat Control Hampshire

Rat Control Hampshire


Rat Control Hampshire

Need to get rid of rats in Hampshire?

DKG Pest Control have been called to an on going rat problem in a property in North Hampshire. The property owner has been suffering with this rat infestation since 2009 and has used 3 other local companies to try and eradicate the rat infestation and has even tried every DIY method available including poison, traps and scaring devices to try and get this issue resolved.

I went to survey the site some 5 weeks ago and found little sign of activity in the loft space, the client said they only herd activity in the walls backing on the house next door, this property was part of a block of four properties which had two separate drainage systems. I asked the client for the previous treatment reports for the failed attempts to try and get a better understanding of what had or hadn’t been done, needless to say the client hadn’t been given a treatment report so I had no idea what had been tried and failed. I explained to the client I would have to start from scratch, which was to walk around the other a joining houses to talk to them about the situation and if they are also suffering a similar problem.

I spoke to all the other residents and all but one had been having this continuous problem with rats, no one wanted to mention to the others they had the problem and didn’t realise they were all in the same position!

Now I had every bodies properties to survey I felt confident I would find an entry point of some kind or indeed a problem with the drains. After a good look around the exterior brickwork of the property I had found no less that 10 large holes in the brickwork but felt none were causing this problem.

I then lifted all the inspection chambers to the four properties and found what I was looking for, The rats had burrowed out of a manhole, along the drainpipe and up the wall cavity of one of the properties. Not one of the other pest control companies had even lifted the inspection covers! Now we new how the rats were getting into the property, I baited all of the manholes and every loft space with rodenticide, sealed all holes in the brickwork and organised a drain specialist to carry out a complete drain CCTV drain survey to check for other faults within the drains and to repair the broken pipe.

The treatment required 4 additional visits to monitor and replace rodenticide over and 3 week period and the drain was repaired last week.

This was quite a rewarding job to help these clients out, they had been living a life from hell for over 4 years, with frequent sleepless nights and smells of rotting flesh and flesh fly infestations each time one perished under the floor boards.

Now the drains have been fixed and the water board are regularly poisoning the rats in the main sewers, these clients shouldn’t have any issue with rats for the foreseeable future!


Rat Control Hampshire




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